Dispatches From Bug World: Tecno-Crapitalism, Techno-Demons, and Mishima

It has been fourteen days since the last dispatch from Bug World. Disassociation continues, the creatures around me are having a hard time holding together their human visage, the skin is sloughing off, revealing slimy carapaces. I was welcomed back to work with a catalog of mandatory online training. We switched to a new computer … Continue reading Dispatches From Bug World: Tecno-Crapitalism, Techno-Demons, and Mishima

You Legitimately Hate to See It

Beloved franchises and intellectual properties are all the Hollywood machine wants, because they’re lazy. They can expend minimal effort in drumming up interest in their projects. A known quantity, a beloved franchise, a name they can trade on, becomes the skinsuit that these weirdos can wear while twisting and subverting the works of better men … Continue reading You Legitimately Hate to See It

Enemy Territory — Amatopia

Friend, sci-fi author Travis Corcoran recently made a series of good points about why we should be optimistic about the future. Read it here. So who is “we”? “We” are people who value truth, honesty, skill, compassion, objective reality, dignity, equal application of the law, justice, and mercy. In other words, the enemies of those […] … Continue reading Enemy Territory — Amatopia

Quicksand Entertainment

These days, we drown in media. Pick any existing form of mainstream communication and entertainment, and you’ll find a saturated market, full of infinite crap ready to be thrown at you. We are constantly stormed by product of bad quality and malicious intent. Turn on your TV, and wait for something that is relatively interesting, … Continue reading Quicksand Entertainment

Merry Christmas

As the end of the year draws near, it’s that time of the year again. So I thought it was appropriate to write a quick post, to wish you a merry Christmas and to give a quick account of what are my plans. It’s mildly sorrowful to say that I didn’t manage to publish my … Continue reading Merry Christmas


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